Thrive Circles

Let’s break the sense of isolation around our healing and development.

Human connection heals. When we see ourselves in the experience of others and share openly, we feel understood and validated. Our shame dissolves. Our capacity for joy and confidence gets restored.

And yet we all have things that are difficult to connect over. Our distress-averse culture leaves us isolated in our hardest experiences and heaviest emotions.  

We’re told that if we can’t get over it and get it together, that’s because there’s something wrong with us and we need to go off to fix ourselves alone.

The truth is, we are having a normal human response to serious life challenges. We haven’t been given space to process. And healing doesn’t have to be a solo-journey. 

Expert guidance and human connection to grow from life’s great challenges. 

Thrive Circles are intimate groups of women who gather for eight weeks to address a shared life experience or goal, without minimizing or self-isolating. 

With guidance from a Mental Health Expert, Thrive Circles give you a supported space to process, heal, and practice tools and skills that fortify your mental strength and wellbeing. 

And, in going through this experience alongside other women, you understand that what you’re feeling is normal, and that having support brings you back to your power. 

Join a circle with a Galia Mental Health Expert to focus on your area of development.

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