Parent Coaching

We all knew parenting would be hard, but did we know it would be this hard?

When parents come to us, they’re often feeling at their lowest. They’re dealing with behaviors in their kids that leave them feeling frustrated and powerless. They are doubting their approach and desperate to have more peace at home. Perhaps worst of all, they’re starting to wonder if they are even a good parent.

We know these struggles intimately and we’re equipped to help.

Through parent coaching, we help families feel empowered, grounded, and supported. We teach the tools needed to manage the complexity of modern parenting, and we do it in an individualized and compassionate way.


Our Approach

Our parent coaching is grounded in our experience as mental health clinicians and as parents ourselves. We know the vital importance of helping both kids and parents be regulated, emotionally connected, and supported.

We ground our interventions in the science of child development and emotional health. We take a sensitive and practical approach, guiding you in how to translate the parent you want to be into the parent you are with your children.

Our focus is on strengthening your skills as a parent to manage those challenging behaviors and situations. We believe that you are your child’s best ally and that no one is as equipped as you to give them what they need. We’ll help you do that.

Coaching for Overwhelmed Parents

We specialize in working with parents of children of all ages who are facing things like:

  • emotional meltdowns and outbursts
  • separation anxiety
  • picky eating and food battles
  • not listening
  • tantrums
  • frustration intolerance
  • lying and defiance
  • bedtime battles
  • sibling rivalry

How We Work

What makes us unique is that our parent coaching is provided by licensed mental health providers with a deep knowledge of child development, emotional health, and behavioral strategies.

Our practice offers a comprehensive model of care, meaning that if needed, you’ll have access to nutrition therapy, psychiatry, and child, adult, and couples therapy.

We’re here to support you throughout your parenting journey and lessen the overwhelm that’s keeping you from enjoying this part of your life.

“Having a coach in the most important job that I have is priceless and very beneficial. Learning tips and tricks to find harmony in our family has been a gift that I am very thankful for.”

“Michelle has been great to work with, and also very understanding to our specific family situation.”

“The most helpful thing I’ve realized is how the family dynamic teaches the kids to respond to stress. I’ve learned so much more about myself.”

"Parenting coaching is something I wish my husband and I could have done sooner in our parenting journey. It has been a great experience allowing us to discuss similarities and differences between our own individual parenting styles. Our coach has been a wonderful sounding board to help listen to these, while also advising and guiding us to new approaches and solutions to parenting issues. I think parenting coaching could be beneficial to so many parents."


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