Trauma Recovery

Traumatic stress involves the lasting effects from experiencing or witnessing a highly distressing event. Often, you are left with feelings of hopelessness, fear, a diminished sense of safety, and low self-worth.

Past trauma can be excruciating to think about, so it makes sense that many people try to bury the memory. Ultimately, though, by avoiding painful memories and effects, you might continue to experience the lasting impacts through nightmares, stress, anxiety, panic, and unexplained physical symptoms.

By holding onto these memories, you stop yourself from moving on.

Let us help you move through the pain and do the work to bring you freedom.

We like to think of trauma work as driving through a dark tunnel. The instinct when you see the darkness is to turn around and find another way, but the truth is that the only way out is through. (Yep, we said it.) However, you don’t have don’t go through the tunnel alone. We’ll guide you through the darkness so you can safely come out the other side.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

How do we get you back to feeling capable of functioning again? Our core strategies involve the use of evidence-based treatments proven to process trauma effectively.

One such core strategy offered by Galia Collaborative is a treatment called Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR). Don’t worry, it is way less complicated than it sounds.

It is a non-drug, non-hypnosis psychotherapy that combines many positive elements of numerous therapies to help individuals to work through their traumatic experiences in a safe and effective manner.

EMDR therapy involves a specially trained therapist using specific techniques which will trigger the brain to bring up the painful memories in an effort to process them and speed up the healing process.

Unlike traditional psychotherapy, EMDR requires very little speaking due to the processing occurring through a process called bilateral stimulation. Throughout the process, the therapist will work to replace negative beliefs, images, and feelings with more positive ones.

The outcome is the feeling of resolution and a more peaceful state overall. EMDR therapy has successfully treated millions of people of all ages, has gained notability with everyone from veterans of war to sexual abuse survivors as a primary treatment modality for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and many other types of traumatic stress.

We are proud to offer a state of the art treatment approach delivered in a compassionate and safe setting with skilled providers.

If you feel locked in the frustrating cycles of traumatic stress, there is hope and help available.

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