Galia Providers

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Dr. Solomon is a licensed clinical psychologist, leadership coach, and founder of Galia Collaborative. She helps girls and women know and grow their power. She specializes in eating, fertility, anxiety, and career issues.
Amber Stevens is the Associate Clinical Director and a licensed clinical psychologist. She oversees clinical training for Galia and works with individuals experiencing life transitions, mood changes, and low self-worth.
Jen is a licensed counselor who is skilled in working with people struggling with body image, self-esteem, grief, life transitions, mood concerns, and perfectionism. She also provides EMDR therapy for individuals with trauma.
Sarah is a licensed clinical psychologist and expert in women's behavioral health. She specializes in supporting women through physical and mental health concerns, relationship stressors, perinatal challenges, and menopause.
Rebecca Freking, IMFT, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. She received her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from The Family Institute at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.
Dr. Apseloff specializes in treating anxiety disorders, relationship conflict, chronic stress, grief and loss, body image and self-esteem issues, and depressive disorders in adolescent and adults.
Karen is a licensed marriage and family therapist and certified eating disorder specialist. She helps women overcome emotional distress, defeating patterns, eating disorders, and trauma responses with compassion and expertise.
Mindy is a Clinical Therapist & Social Worker with extensive experience in working with women through transitions to and in motherhood. She utilizes as integrative approach, drawing on mindfulness and holistic practices in her work.

Galia Support Staff

Tristan Ramsey, Practice Coordinator

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, I knew I wanted to work in the mental health field, but I wasn't sure yet in what capacity. While working at an outpatient mental health center, I realized my passion for both the client-focused work and the interesting behind-the-scenes work. Believing that my strength was in marrying the two led me to develop my own path. I've now been serving as the Practice Coordinator for Galia Collaborative since 2019.

I love creating streamlined processes and implementing empowered care for clients, and I hope you'll experience that in all of our conversations. I'm often the first person you'll connect with at Galia, and I'm here to get you connected and answer any questions you might have along the way. Getting started on a path to growth shouldn't be complicated, so I do my absolute best to make your journey a smooth one.

When I'm not working, I love to be creative with watercolor and crocheting. I also take advantage of hiking the beautiful trails around our home in Charlotte, NC with my husband and daughter.

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