You don’t have to know where to start.

If you’re not living in your power because the weight of anxiety, stress, eating problems, or relationship concerns is too much to bear, therapy is a powerful tool that may be able to help. When you’re struggling and it’s impacting your work, your family, and your values, you can’t afford to wait for months or years for change. The treatments we offer are backed by science and targeted for your concerns. Our work together will be highly active with a goal of creating lasting improvements in your well-being.

Offering in-person therapy in Cincinnati and online therapy for individuals throughout Ohio and 33 other states, we work with individuals, couples, and families with a variety of concerns. We’ll work together to better understand your reasons for seeking support and then we’ll develop a comprehensive treatment plan outlining our approach. Then we’ll get to work. You’ll know exactly how things are progressing along the way.

Those seeking therapy for the first time may find themselves with many more questions. Head over to check out our Starting Therapy FAQ.

Eating Disorder Recovery

If you feel that there is no way out of perpetual destructive patterns with food, you deserve to know that there are effective treatments that work and that can put an end to the battles you’ve been waging. You’ll also need to know that they are not easy, but they are worth the freedom that comes from living without anxieties and obsessions about food and your body.

Full recovery is absolutely possible, and we believe that every person deserves the opportunity to create it for themselves. We join with individuals to guide them in overcoming these disorders once and for all through evidence-based treatment approaches specifically designed for the needs of the person struggling.

Using our years of experience treating, researching, and designing interventions and programs for eating disorders, we bring our brains and hearts to working to help you discover what life beyond food and weight-obsession can look life. (Here’s a hint: It’s beautiful.)

Click through for more information on eating disorder treatment, and how we work with individuals and families virtually and in-person.


Anxiety & Depression

It’s becoming increasingly challenging to avoid mood and anxiety symptoms in today’s world. We’re run ragged, sleep-deprived, on edge, and never feel good enough. It’s no wonder that so many of us face challenges like feelings of hopelessness, emotional burnout, crying frequently, and irritability, among many others.

If you find that you just aren’t yourself and you don’t even know where to start, please know that mood and anxiety symptoms are treatable. Therapeutic approaches are found to be highly effective, especially when targeted and consistent.

We work with individuals with a variety of concerns, from stress overload to obsessive-compulsive disorder to “I just cannot get out of this funk.” We’ll start by better understanding your specific needs and then dive in to creating a plan of action together.

Fertility Concerns

The stress and anguish that can come with infertility is unlike any other experience. It can be a pain that is isolating and full of sharp, unknowable edges. The experience can have profound effects on individuals’ sense of self, body image, and intimate relationships. It can even start to impact a person’s mood and ability to function normally at work and other aspects of life.

Disconnecting the mind and body and tending only to the physical pieces of the infertility journey can be a mistake. Individuals and couples need guidance and support through the process, regardless of the outcome or choices they have. Psychotherapy can help in navigating the labyrinth of approaches and emotions to treatment, adoption, or living childfree.

We offer confidential in-person and virtual therapy for those struggling with infertility and fertility concerns at any stage of their journey.


Traumatic Stress

The heartbreaking (and completely unacceptable) reality is that over half of women have endured trauma at some point in their lives. The even more frustrating truth is that many women aren’t recognizing how their traumatic experience continues to impact their mood, their physical health, and their overall functioning in the various areas of their lives.

Trauma is complicated and often buried deeply under layers of anxiety, depression, irritability, and anger. Because of its complexity, it can be hard to know when to get help.

We are committed to changing the way that we talk about and treat trauma. We believe that recovery from traumatic stress is absolutely possible and that it’s best achieved through heart-centered healing and science-based interventions.

Click through to learn more about our approach to trauma therapy and how you can live more fully without the stress of trauma.

Relationship Challenges

Relationships are the bedrock of our lives. They grow us, they change us, and, yes -- they challenge us. When we are finding those challenges to be pervasive, or that they are showing up in our most important or intimate relationships, it’s time to seek support.

Our team is highly skilled in navigating the complexity of relationship problems, whether those occur in romantic partnerships, families, or even at work. We also recognize that no two relationships look the same and they require an affirming, individualized approach. 

We provide confidential, in-person or virtual, evidence-based modalities of treatment to support individuals or those in partnership to seek the support they need in developing a thriving relationship.


Maternal Mental Health

Pregnancy and parenthood are among the most challenging experiences that face us as human beings, and yet we so often acknowledge how difficult they can be. At Galia, we are committed to speaking truth to the realities of maternal mental health.

Becoming a parent impacts literally every facet of our lives-- our physical selves, our sense of identity, our professional lives, our romantic relationships, our emotional connections, and so much more. Experiencing mental health challenges during this period of life is common.

At Galia, we specialize in supporting women through their parenthood journeys. We work extensively with women navigating pregnancy and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, parents struggling with stress and burnout, mothers discovering how parenting can activate old wounds of their own, and families managing their children's own mental health difficulties.

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