Programs for Organizations

Strong organizations know that recruiting talented women is only the first step. Retaining and developing these women to play at the highest levels takes another level of investment. 

Galia Collaborative’s mission is to elevate the impact of purpose-driven women by strengthening their mental wellness and empowering them with tools to succeed. 

Our programs are tailored to the needs of each organization. We engage organizations to understand gaps in serving their employees well-being and to develop solutions to meet those needs.

Elevate: Women’s Leadership Development Program

Galia’s signature program is a year-long professional development experience designed especially for  high-impact women leaders. 

The program is designed to promote self-development, foster community, and offer targeted support for leadership. It takes a whole-self approach to meeting the needs of women identified as high-achieving or high-potential. 

The program is structured with an initial three-month group and individual coaching structure, followed by nine monthly connects for further integration and peer connection.  

Built on the sciences of psychology, leadership, and community development, the program has wildly well-received by women leaders, their managers, and organizations as a whole.

A participant from 2021 shared, "From the first session I felt connected to and supported by my fellow colleagues and participants. Meeting with this group regularly and sharing our experiences and challenges, made me feel more resilient, more capable, better at coaching and more willing to challenge my assumptions and areas for growth. I'm very grateful for this experience and it is one of the most impactful experiences I've had at my job."


Thrive Circles

When women circle up, anything is possible. With women fleeing the workforce in record numbers, creating systems of support is crucial. 

Thrive Circles are expert-facilitated small groups of women who come together around a mutual purpose in service of support, connection, and growth. These discussion-based groups are designed to provide mental wellness tools, survival strategies, and an invaluable peer connection. 

During this time of overwhelm, uncertainty, and disconnection, Thrive Circles offer women a network of support guided by a skilled facilitator specializing in women’s well-being. 

We are happy to design a Circle or series of Circles to support your organization’s needs. Let’s talk.

Emotional Agility Workshops

The healthiest and most successful workplaces don't happen by chance. They are built through intentional focus and practice of emotional agility at all levels of the organization. 

The fact is, engaging with colleagues, clients, customers, and other humans on a day to day basis requires a strong toolkit of skills. Without these skills, we find ourselves being stressed, less productive, and less compassionate. 

Emotional agility is the ability to be present with and use our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in effective ways. With the tools to tolerate, understand, and use our emotions, we can effectively approach even the most difficult situations without getting derailed by them. We are also able to tap into our energy, creativity, and problem solving abilities, all without burning out. 

Galia offers consultation and workshops for organizations committed to growing their psychological safety and emotional agility. We customize the experience for your team or organization to ensure a transformative learning and growing experience. 

This programming particularly benefits organizations that are experiencing any of the following:

  • Periods of growth or transition necessitating change
  • Signs of stress or burnout among team members
  • A desire to strengthen the team's functioning for better performance
  • Strain on team members from working directly with clients or customers
  • A lack of openness, safety, or effectiveness

I loved participating in this program. It forced real introspection that gave me an opportunity to connect with myself, as well as with other other accomplished and inspiring women. Being a part of this group definitely motivated me to continue this journey after we end.

The program helped to show me small changes that can make a difference in improving my leadership, both at work and in my personal life. It also helped me see how I can contribute back to the broader organization to improve equality and inclusivity overall.

This program was a phenomenal accelerator in self-understanding and putting my values into the context of my leadership style.

The Women's Leadership Development Program gave me the opportunity to make connections with other women within the network that I would not generally interact with. The topics we discussed helped me to see myself and interactions both professionally and personally from a different lens highlighting areas I could learn more about to enable my personal growth. Overall this was a great experience!

The Women's Leadership Development Program has been a GAME CHANGER for me both personally and professionally. I have made noticeable changes in my confidence, communication style, and decision making- some of which my friends and coworkers have even commented on. My resilience and stress levels at work have also dramatically improved because of the tools Dr. Solomon taught us. No other training or coaching I've experienced has come close to the level of growth and connection this program has given me. I truly wish every woman at P&G could have this experience.

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