The Christ Hospital and Galia Collaborative Partnership

The past two years has been trying for all of us, but the impact on women has been profound. The isolation, fear, stress, and lack of support has taken a particular toll on individuals navigating their reproductive journeys. 

Mental health needs are crucial to the wellbeing of mom, baby, family, and our community. With this in mind, all women within their reproductive journey and up to one year postpartum receiving maternity care through Christ or Mt. Auburn OB/GYN will be eligible for the services outlined below, at no cost to you, to help you access the support needed during this crucial period.


Mental Health Session

Schedule a no-cost mental health evaluation with one of Galia's psychologists to identify key issues and develop a plan for success. This telehealth session will give you the opportunity to better understand your current mental health status and what resources are available to support you on your journey.

Dear Mama Thrive Circle

Participate in a four-week Thrive Circle with other women navigating their reproductive journey. This group will foster community building and is a safe way to access mental health skills, resources, and new perspectives. The 60-minute virtual Circle is at no cost to you. The next session will start on 1/26/23 at 1pm and run for four weeks. Reach out now to register for the next session!


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