Relationship Therapy

Being in a relationship with another human being is among the most challenging things we will do in our lives, and yet we enter into the experience without training, education, or even realistic expectations. 

We end up asking ourselves… 

What is wrong with us that our relationship is damn hard? 

Why do we keep finding ourselves in the same unhealthy patterns over and over? 

Can either of us ever really change? 

Why can’t I forgive what’s happened before and move on? 

Is this the best it can get, and is that enough for me? 

The truth is that our culture sets us up to fail in partnerships. We enter into them feeling the elation of having found someone whom we adore and who adores us. And then cracks start to develop, and rather than having the tools to patch them together, we move farther apart.

Couples Therapy to Grow Your Partnership

When people start couples work, it’s because a partnership that once gave them life now feels painful. 

If you are seeking relationship therapy now, it may have been a long process to get here or the need might have arisen suddenly. You might have sought out help before, or this might be the first time you’ll be sitting with a therapist. You might be relatively new to your partnership, or you’ve been together for decades. We work with people in relationships at all stages of all types.

We commonly work with people experiencing: 

  • A lack of intimacy and connection 
  • The aftermath of an affair 
  • Preparation for marriage or long-term commitment
  • Challenges in communicating 
  • Infertility or pregnancy loss as a couple
  • Differences in sexual desires and needs
  • Feelings of anger and resentment 
  • Changes in life circumstances, such as a transition to parenthood

How We Work in Relationship Therapy

Starting couples therapy can feel really big, but it doesn’t have to be scary. Our small team of couples therapists are highly trained in their areas of expertise and adept at knowing how to work at your pace.

We work from an inclusive and equity-based framework, which means that we believe that all relationships are as unique and valid as the individuals in them. We believe that relationships should equally serve all partners and be built on respect for each person’s values. We work hard to know the intricacies of your relationship and how to target the most important aspects so that you can have a more fulfilling and meaningful experience. 

Our team provides a variety of treatment approaches in our work with relationships. We practice Emotion Focused Therapy, Relational Life Therapy, EMDR, and sex therapy, among other modalities. Your therapist will design a plan of care for you that helps you reach your relational goals.


Sex Therapy

Working with a therapist with specialized sex therapy training is pivotal to resolving many sex-related challenges. Approaching your needs sensitively and competently, we are skilled in addressing a variety of concerns. 

  • Challenges with orgasming
  • Low sexual desire
  • Sexual pain
  • Anxiety around sex
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Sexual trauma concerns
  • Dissatisfaction with sex 
  • Sex after body changes, such as cancer or birth

We can do hard things together.

We are inherently relational beings, wired for connection and always seeking partnership. When our core relationship is serving us, we are our truest, most brilliant selves. When it’s suffering, we do too. 

Your relationship deserves a fair shot at being as transformative as it can be. Couples therapy is often the key to that opportunity.

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