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Women of Cincy - "The Long-Term Effect of Eating Disorders That Nobody Talks About"

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NBC Cincinnati (WLWT-TV) - "Eating Disorder Awareness"

FOX Cincinnati (WXIX-V) – "Does your child have an eating disorder?" – “Does your child have an eating eating disorder?"

SELF - "Instagrams Newest Feature Helps You Help Friends Who Might Have Eating Disorders"

Cincinnati Parent – “Eating Disorders and Young Children - Understanding How Early Problems Can Develop"

Community Health Magazine


Real Woman

Media Inquiries:

Dr. Ashley Solomon is a dynamic and engaging speaker! Ashley’s presentation had such meaningful content and examples that made the presentation so “real” for all of our women. Great key take-aways too!

(Managing Partner, Ernst & Young)

Ashley brought an open and relaxed attitude, which allowed the participants to feel comfortable engaging in bold and honest discussions regarding their experiences. We can’t wait to have Ashley back again to further the discussion!

- (Workshop Coordinator, EY)

Not only is Dr. Solomon very knowledgeable with the facts but she was incredibly engaging. She created a safe environment for conversation on sensitive topics and sparked the need for change and continuing conversations going forward. We are excited to work with her again.
- (PWN Leader, Ernst & Young)

I had the pleasure of watching one of Ashley’s presentation recently, and it was truly one of a kind. It got me and other attendees reflecting about how we think and how exhibit traits of imposter syndrome. It also made me feel heard and seen, knowing others have the same concerns and hesitations as I do. I highly recommend having Ashley speak at your event or company. She was not only impactful, but very easy and pleasant to work with.

- (Jackie Hines, Nielson Corporation)

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