In the past several years, we’ve been forced to reckon with the reality that we often cannot change the challenging circumstances with which we are faced. We’ve also had the opportunity to recognize the power of changing ourselves and our communities within those challenges.

Companies have undergone intense transformation while navigating the enormous external and internal pressures. From staffing challenges to changing work environments to managing the collective trauma of illness and loss, companies are working tirelessly to fulfill their missions and support their team members.

Meanwhile, those team members are reporting the highest stress and burnout levels in history, along with unprecedented mental health challenges.

What can we do in the face of ongoing struggle?

Harnessing the power of mindset - both as an individual and a cultural tool - offers organizations an effective foundation for riding the continued waves of challenge.

Through over three decades of research, mindset development has been proven to have a powerful impact on learning, skill development, resilience, and achievement levels.

The Mindset Matters series combines the experience and expertise of four of the region’s most well-regarded thought leaders in mental health, personal development, and building culture. It offers an approachable and practical set of tools for individuals and teams to support themselves and each other as we move forward through the biggest challenges.

Learn more about each section of the four part live workshop series below.

Session One:

Start Inside: The Keys to Powerful and Productive Mindsets

Ashley Solomon, PsyD, CEDS-S

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Galia Collaborative

Drawing on the science of the human brain and the wisdom of human experience, Dr. Solomon will explain how mindsets emerge and develop, and why they have such a profound impact on our success and satisfaction. She will highlight three of the key mindsets associated with well-being and offer practical tools for cultivating them.

Our mindsets have been proven to have a profound impact on the way that we learn, develop skills, approach challenges, cultivate relationships, and succeed in the most important areas of our lives. Cultivating the power of our mindset can fundamentally transform our experience of work and life. In this series kick-off session, Dr. Solomon will share the evidence for how mindsets shape us and will explain how to harness their power through practical skills and practices. She will engage participants in considering their own mindset development and how they will apply the tools they will learn in their daily lives. Highlighting three of the most fundamental mindset shifts we can make, Dr. Solomon will help begin our journey into making our mindsets work for us.


About Dr. Ashley Solomon

Dr. Ashley Solomon is a licensed clinical psychologist and founder of Galia Collaborative, a mental wellness organization dedicated to helping women heal, grow, and lead. She completed her residency at Friends Hospital in Philadelphia, PA and a post-doctoral fellowship at Insight Behavioral Health in Chicago, IL, before eventually returning to her hometown of Cincinnati, OH. In Cincinnati, she established and led mental health organizations, serving individuals from around the country. After a decade of this work, Dr. Solomon decided to combine her clinical expertise with her drive for amplifying women's impact and founded Galia Collaborative. Galia Collaborative provides individuals, teams, and organizations with the tools they need to enhance women's mental health. Today, Dr. Solomon spends her professional time speaking, consulting, treating, and coaching. She is committed to shining a spotlight on mental health and fostering important conversations about it in the places we live and work. She has four children she adores, and was recently recognized as one of Cincinnati’s 2021 Forty Under Forty for her work.

Session Two:

Cultivating a Mindset of Gratitude

Rachel DesRochers


The Gratitude Collective

In Rachel’s session we will explore the definition of gratitude. From there we will look at the impact of a gratitude practice. Rachel will share simple practical tools that allow you to begin right where you are and support you in where you want to go.

Participants in Rachel’s session will explore the fullest definition of gratitude as a tool for self- and community development. Rachel will highlight the impact that a simple practice can have on our everyday lives and mindsets. The session will explore varied ways to have a healthy practice that supports our needs versus adding pressure of yet one more thing to do. Participants will work on strengthening this muscle to live a life in gratitude. Our session will allow time to create space in our minds and bodies to understand the fullness of living.


About Rachel Desrochers

Rachel DesRochers is the CEO of The Gratitude Collective, a collection of companies and brands that spread the message of gratitude and build community. These include Grateful Grahams, an artisanal graham cracker company; the Incubator Kitchen Collective, a non- profit providing kitchen space, business support; RLD LLC where she consults and speaks, and more. Rachel also recently launched Head to Heart Mentorship where she is using all the tools she’s learned as an entrepreneur to support other makers and creatives to live a life of joy. Further, she has also co-founded Power to Pursue, a women's entrepreneurial and empowerment summit that launches in May, 2022. Rachel has received numerous local awards and was a semifinalist for Martha Stewart's American Made Award, awarded the Local Luminary from Slow Foods Cincinnati, 2020 40 Under 40 from the Cincinnati Business Courier, and in 2021 the Emerging Leaders for Outstanding Women of Northern Kentucky. Rachel is a passionate believer in the power of gratitude and the role of food in creating community. Her mission goes beyond making a great cookie: she also wants to impact her community with positivity and action. Rachel is also mom to three and works side by side with her husband in building these businesses.

Session Three:

Shifting into Your Desired Mindset

Whitney Ellison, Esq.

Attorney & Certified Law of Attraction Coach

Through an engaging and interactive process, attendees will work through identifying, shifting into, and maintaining their desired mindsets, to help create a more present, aligned and positive culture among corporations.

Whitney will engage participants in working through three simple yet profound questions that will help each individual to identify their specific desired outcomes and shift into a mindset of receiving that which they desire. Whitney will leave each attendee with tools to help maintain the work they conduct during this session. There will be interactive dialogue and live coaching to help participants through questions or blocks that arise during the session. Working through this process will help attendees become more mindful and aware in the present moment, which cultivates positive energy from each individual, creating a cultural shift that allows for better flow, alignment and communication among colleagues in the workplace.


About Whitney Ellison

Whitney Ellison, Esq., is a probate attorney at Keller, Barrett & Higgins in Madeira, Ohio, a freelance writer, and a certified coach in the Law of Attraction.  Whitney has been trained to help people mindfully focus their thought energy on identifying and then deliberately creating desired outcomes through understanding the Law of Attraction as well as the 6 other Universal Laws. She has conducted several best selling workshops on the 7 Universal Laws. Whitney is the creator and host of two Instagram Live Interview series: The Enneagram Mom Interviews and The Enneagram Entrepreneur Interviews, and has trained in Helen Palmer's Narrative Enneagram Program. She is also co-founder of Power to Pursue, an annual empowering event for female-identifying intra and entrepreneurs. She has written human interest and Enneagram pieces for such publications as Scary Mommy, The Chic Guide, Thrive Global and Magnum Opal. She is married to her husband Sam and they spend most of their days enjoying their three young kids and wrangling their two Boston Terriers.

Session Four:

From Me to We: Developing a Mindset for Collective Change

La Shanda Sugg, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Labors of Love Counseling and Consulting, LLC

“Without inner change, there can be no outer change; without collective change, no change matters."
- Angel Kyodo Williams.

During this session, participants will examine their personal narratives and explore their roles in shifting culture.

When the collective culture endangers individual survival and fulfillment, it’s time to shift the culture. The idea of shifting culture can feel overwhelming and, sometimes even, impossible. This session will create the space and provide the guidance for participants to explore how their lived experiences and personal narratives often create barriers to recognizing their individual roles in the collective experience. Each participant will be empowered to embark on the inner work that leads to collective change.


About La Shanda Sugg

La Shanda Sugg, LPC is a trauma-specializing therapist and training consultant. Her trauma expertise and ability to make complex concepts easy to understand make her work accessible. Her authenticity and transparency as a trauma survivor make people want to listen. La Shanda founded Labors of Love Counseling and Consulting, LLC to help organizations understand trauma and the traumatic stress of racism and other forms of oppression and help them move towards Cultural Humility and Somatic Abolitionism. As a Therapist, she helps relationships and communities Move from Coping to Healing. Through her podcast, The Labors of Love Podcast, La Shanda and her guests invite people into a world of healing, wholeness, and mental wellness. For more information about Labors of Love Counseling and Consulting visit