Do you find yourself repeatedly frustrated by others in your life who seem to operate so differently from you? 

Do you know that this relationship or team could be better, but you’re just not sure how to get there? 

Do you find yourself in patterns of behavior that you know aren’t serving you?

Are you looking for a way to better understand yourself and other people in your life?

There are dozens of personality assessments out there that can describe how we operate. The Enneagram is the most powerful tool that we’ve found because it goes far beyond simply describing. It gives us a path into understanding ourselves and others at a rich and meaningful level. 

Based on generations of work, the Enneagram focuses on revealing our own and others’ core motivations. When we understand the why of what we and others are doing, we have the power to revolutionize our way of responding and interacting.

The Enneagram reveals for ourselves and others: 

  • The key drivers that influence how we make decisions and what actions we take
  • How we respond to stress and what our defense mechanisms look like
  • What situations and conditions will allow us to operate at our full potential 
  • Why we struggle with certain other types of people and what’s really happening in our relationships
  • How we approach communication and conflict 
  • The most impactful ways we can achieve personal growth

We believe so much in the Enneagram and its power to transform individuals and teams that we have fully adopted for ourselves as well. As our team has utilized the Enneagram, it’s ensured that our culture is one of strong communication, psychological safety, and deep compassion for diversity. 

The Enneagram for Individual Development

Understanding your Enneagram type serves a profound tool for personal growth. Once you’ve identified your type, you have the opportunity to know yourself at a deeper level. Not only will you have insight into your reactions and behaviors, you’ll gain the power of why you operate in these ways, and how to become the person, partner, or leader you want to be.

The Enneagram for Improving Relationships

When relationships are caught in cycles of stress or strife, the Enneagram offers a new framework for understanding what’s happening. In all types of relationships, the Enneagram makes each person’s behavior suddenly make more sense. It gives us a way to halt the frustration and see each other and approach challenges in new ways.

The Enneagram for Strengthening Teams

There is no tool we have found more impactful than the Enneagram in understanding how teams are functioning and how to establish a path forward. With the framework of the Enneagram, leaders can develop powerful insights into the motivations, communication, and conflict of their teams. It helps build cultural humility and psychological safety even among highly diverse teams.


We are committed to sharing the Enneagram as a tool for self-awareness and culture-building in our community. We can work with you to bring the Enneagram to life for your team or organization through in-person and virtual options.

Our Signature Program:

The Enneagram as a Tool for Self-Awareness and Compassion

Our incredible Enneagram specialist, Whitney Ellison, J.D., brings a deep training in the Enneagram and pairs it with a practical approach and thoughtful teaching style to deliver an experience that will truly create shifts. 

In this 3-hour workshop, you will learn:

  • How the Enneagram can serve as tool to improve your knowledge of yourself and others in your life
  • How to identify you own type on the Enneagram and what that means about how you approach the world
  • How to use your type and awareness of others' types to improve communication and effectiveness in all types of relationships

Participants also receive a hands-on workbook that will help extend their knowledge and use of this tool.


Enneagram Online Course

For individuals or teams interested in learning about the Enneagram and discovering their own type, our e-course is a wonderful place to begin your journey. 

This fully online course walks learners through the foundations of the Enneagram, the nine types, and how to use the tool to strengthen your self-knowledge.

Other Programs

We also frequently design programs and workshops specific to the needs of teams, and combine workshops with e-course access as well. Examples of extension topics include:

  • Exploring styles of conflict 
  • Maximizing the strengths and values of team members
  • Managing stress and building mental wellness through the Enneagram
  • Using the Enneagram in partnership and parenting

Connect with us to explore options for using the Enneagram to improve the functioning and culture of your group.


Meet Whitney Ellison, J.D.

Whitney Ellison is an attorney, teacher, writer and mom. She has been teaching introductory and subtype Enneagram workshops since 2018, with over 80 hours of training through the Narrative Enneagram program. She teaches a holistic approach that leaves her clients with a full understanding of the tool and each of the 9 types, as well as guidance on how to discover what type they lead with. Whitney has also conducted over 50 hours of Enneagram research interviews by type. Corporate Enneagram Clients have included Fifth Third Bank Private Wealth Group, Procter & Gamble, WISe Wellness Guild, The Gratitude Collective and many more. Whitney holds a JD from the University of Cincinnati, College of Law, a BA from the University of Oklahoma, has a Law of Attraction life coaching certification, a decade of award-winning sales experience in corporate America, including companies like Proctor & Gamble, Graphic Packaging International, and Steinhauser. She lives in Northern Kentucky, and she and her husband have three children and three Boston Terriers.

"Whitney absolutely wowed us at a workshop she gave us. The feedback from the event was great and everyone asked to gather again! I encourage you to listen to what she has to share, and take away some key learnings that will help you enhance your day-to-day life!"

- Rachel DesRochers, Founder of Power to Pursue& CEO of Gratitude Collective


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