Dr. Solomon and her team have spoken widely to various audiences, from small employee groups to schools to large corporate clients to international conferences.

We are available to schedule a talk, seminar, or workshop with your group and are happy to discuss tailoring topics and formats to your specific needs. Sample topics include:

  • The Self-Awareness Superpower: Using Self-Knowledge to Increase Effectiveness Every Day
  • A Manager’s Toolkit for Supporting Your Team’s Mental Health 
  • Courageous Conversations: How to Say What’s Hard in Work and Life
  • Rise and Lift: Supporting Your Colleagues as You Grow
  • Building a Gender-Inclusive Organization from Every Level 
  • All the Places You’re Meant to Be: Showing Up with Strength & Confidence 
  • Reclaiming Your Energy: Tools for Protecting Yourself in a Whirlwind World
  • Creating a Culture of Mental & Emotional Well-being
  • Banishing Burnout: Keys for Preserving Your Passion & Effectiveness 

Check out what some organizers and audience members had to share below.

To discuss your needs, please contact us.

Dr. Ashley Solomon is a dynamic and engaging speaker! Ashley’s presentation had such meaningful content and examples that made the presentation so “real” for all of our women. Great key take-aways too!

(Managing Partner, Ernst & Young)

Ashley brought an open and relaxed attitude, which allowed the participants to feel comfortable engaging in bold and honest discussions regarding their experiences. We can’t wait to have Ashley back again to further the discussion!

- (Workshop Coordinator, EY)

Not only is Dr. Solomon very knowledgeable with the facts but she was incredibly engaging. She created a safe environment for conversation on sensitive topics and sparked the need for change and continuing conversations going forward. We are excited to work with her again.
- (PWN Leader, Ernst & Young)

I had the pleasure of watching one of Ashley’s presentation recently, and it was truly one of a kind. It got me and other attendees reflecting about how we think and how exhibit traits of imposter syndrome. It also made me feel heard and seen, knowing others have the same concerns and hesitations as I do. I highly recommend having Ashley speak at your event or company. She was not only impactful, but very easy and pleasant to work with.

- (Jackie Hines, Nielson Corporation)


Body Liberation Clinical Supervision Group

CEDS Certification Supervision

Hosted by Dr. Ashley Solomon, CEDS-S & Jessica Barth Nesbitt, MA, RD, LD, CEDRD-S

As a clinical psychologist and registered dietitian, we are thrilled to partner in offering you an opportunity to elevate your non-diet approach to supporting patients and clients. If you are a health or wellness provider who supports people with disordered eating and painful relationships to their bodies and you:

  • Feel like you are swimming alone in a sea of diet culture
  • Value evidence-based knowledge to ground your work
  • Could benefit from practical skills to strengthen your approach
  • Have felt isolated in supporting complex issues
  • Are committed to providing the most ethical, science-backed, and humane care

we would love to invite you into our clinical supervision group! And all the while, gain supervision hours toward your designation as a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist. (Please note, this group is open to ANY provider who is interested in developing these skills. You do not need to be pursuing CEDS to join.)

This supervision group offers a unique opportunity to experience a multi-disciplinary and multi-perspective  framework for approaching challenges with food, body, and weight concerns.

This supervision group blends a networking with a community of support with concrete skill development. Over the course of the year, we’ll cover topics such as:

  • Supporting families addressing disordered eating and creating a healthy non-diet culture
  • How disordered eating manifests in marginalized populations and how to tailor interventions in a culturally appropriate manner
  • How to create peace with food when navigating complexity like veganism, intolerances, allergies, and food avoidance
  • How to respond to clients’ interest in and pursuit of weight loss intervention when you see this harming them
  • How to incorporate a body-liberation stance into modalities such as yoga, ACT, and nutrition support
  • How to assess our own internalized biases and cultural assumptions and examine how they impact our work
  • How to identify the impacts of trauma on the bodily experience and what to do when this shows up

and many, many more! Guest experts in the areas of trauma, dietetics, and more will join us periodically to provide additional knowledge and skills.

When is it?

The group will run ongoing and you are asked to commit to at least five sessions. These do not have to be consecutive if you have a conflict that arises.

Third Thursday of each month

12:00-1:30pm EST

How do we connect?

You will be sent a secure link to connect to the group once registered. You will get to dig into these juicy topics with amazing colleagues all without battling a commute or dressing to impress (some clothing required… we love liberating bodies, but…).

How do I join?

Use the contact form to send an email explaining your current work, licensure status, and reason for interest in the group. You will receive a response within three business days confirming whether you are accepted into the group and a potential start date. Spaces are limited, so you may be placed on a waitlist.

What is the financial investment?

Pre-licensed professionals: $65 per group session

Licensed professionals: $75 per group session

*For those in private practice, this may count as a tax deductible expense.

**Discounts available for those primarily working with marginalized communities. 

What if I am looking for individual supervision or consultation?

Individual supervision may be offered, depending on availability. Send a note explaining what you are seeking and you’ll receive a response shortly.

What if I have questions?

Shoot them over via the contact form.

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