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Nutrition Therapy

What if you could nourish your life fully by finally letting go of the anxiety around food, the out of control behaviors, and the harsh body talk? 

You could show up to your life presently and with purpose.

You could have the big impact you know is possible. 

You could find freedom, peace, and joy. 

This is why we do this work – to give you the tools you need to make peace with food once and for all and help you reclaim your life.


Eating Disorders

Galia provides evidence-based nutrition therapy to teens and adults struggling with eating disorders. Our goal is to help people recover their lives and build a peaceful relationship with food. We have specialization in working with patients with: 

  • Binge eating 
  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Bulimia nervosa
  • Restrictive eating 
  • Orthorexia 
  • Compulsive exercise 
  • Night eating 
  • Guilt and shame around eating

Disordered Eating

Cultivating peace and satisfaction in a sea of diet culture and fatphobia is some of the bravest work that we can do as women. It can also feel isolating and defeating to fight back against systems that are designed to uphold the norm and continue to perpetuate negative messaging about our bodies. We provide tools for the journey, helping to reframe old paradigms of health and support developing new relationships with food and our bodies.


Pregnancy Nutrition

Kelly works with individuals during pregnancy experiencing challenges with pregnancy nausea, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, histories of disordered eating, and more. She also works with those who want to optimize their health and relationship with food during this critical period. 

Postpartum Nutrition

Navigating new nutritional needs as your body evolves is no easy feat. We work with parents in the postpartum period to ensure that they are caring for their bodies and minds as they do the hard work of tending to little ones. We support parents who may be experiencing postpartum mental health challenges, navigating breastfeeding, struggling with a changing postpartum body, or have other concerns. 


Parenting Nutrition

It shouldn’t feel so overwhelming to feed our kids, but the world has made it feel complicated. Kelly partners with parents to help turn down the noise and create nourishing routines for families. She works with families trying to raise attuned eaters with the skills to combat diet culture. She also helps parents handle some of the most stressful eating challenges in kiddos, like picking eating, food battles, and Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder.

Our Food Philosophy:

We Believe....

  • That eating should be a joyful experience free from stress and anxiety. 
  • That each person’s nutrition needs are unique and important. 
  • That letting go of restrictive eating is courageous in our society. 
  • That peace with food is possible, even after a lifelong struggle. 
  • That food brings us together in community. 
  • That our size doesn’t determine our value.

Kelly Jewell, RD, LD is a licensed and registered dietitian specializing in helping people create a positive and peaceful relationship with food.

Kelly works with teens and adults as they develop new perspectives and practices of eating. She customizes her approach to individuals unique personal and dietary needs, recognizing that nutrition is never  one-size-fits-all.


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