It's time that we redefine:


Elevating women's impact through modern mental health.

Heal. Thrive. Lead.

with Galia Collaborative

We empower purpose-driven women to elevate their impact by developing their mental strength and well-being. Holding firm the belief that the world needs our full participation, we help to guide women out of the trenches and into the spaces they want and deserve to occupy. When women repurpose their power in pursuit of their dreams, we’re unstoppable.


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Mental Health Services for Individuals and Couples

Galia Collaborative is dedicated to providing women with accessible expert services and resources to heal, grow, and lead. Through both online and in-person services, we’ll dig into what is holding you back and develop a plan to move you forward. Let’s get started.

Individual & Couples Therapy

As experts in women’s mental and relational health, we provide compassionate, individualized therapy to those experiencing mood and anxiety challenges, stress and burnout, eating disorders, trauma symptoms, and relationship and sexual struggles.

Galia Collaborative offers in-person sessions in our beautiful Cincinnati office, as well as online therapy.

Nutrition Therapy

We believe that nourishing our bodies should be a joyful experience free of stress and anxiety. We work with teens and adults to address a variety of nutritional challenges.

We specialize in working with women to let go of diet culture, people recovering from eating disorders, and those on perinatal and parenting journeys.

Medication Support

Through compassionate and comprehensive assessment, we work with you to determine if medication could help improve your mental health, cognitive functioning, and life satisfaction.

We provide psychiatry services in our Cincinnati office, as well as via our secure telehealth platform.

Helping Companies Impact Mental Health

We have a deep commitment to elevating the influence of women and enhancing the wellbeing of all employees. We use our expertise in behavioral and organizational science to help companies support their most valuable resources.

Galia Collaborative strengthens organizations by supporting the mental wellness of individuals and teams. Our tailored approach includes training, workshops, consultation, and coaching.


A lifelong learner and recovering perfectionist, Dr. Solomon founded Galia Collaborative to amplify women’s impact in the world by modernizing mental health. She brings her unique blend of clinical and leadership experience to her work with individuals and systems. She is committed to elevating the voices of girls and women in all of the spaces we deserve to occupy.

Our Story

Galia was founded in 2018 with the intention to bring mental health out of the darkness. We help women and allies to take ownership of their healing and we support organizations to do better at protecting and enhancing mental wellness.