Impact Coaching

Galia Collaborative engages women in recognizing, connecting, and amplifying their purpose and power so that the world will benefit from their full participation.

We work with powerful women who find themselves at a turning point in their lives and careers. Many don’t yet know what the turning point holds; they simply know that the status quo is not an option.

Whether you are building a business, building your career, or building a life you can love -- and maybe all three! - we're here to guide and support the process.
The women we work with have always been creative, talented, and successful, but they are intuitive enough to know that to continue to grow, they need a mentor on the journey.

When women come to work with us, they are ready to leave what has been in exchange for what can be.

Truly owning their careers.

Building their vision into a reality.

Fully participating, presently, in their lives.

Using their voices to advance their missions.

For the Vision Builder

You have an idea that’s been stewing for a while, but you’re uncertain whether and how to make it a reality. You're stalling on pulling the trigger because you're there are still so many unanswered questions. Or, you’ve built something great, but it’s time that the world truly recognized its full potential. 

Impact Coaching for entrepreneurs and creators is all about helping you clarify how your purpose, potential, and power align and then helping you through the gritty process of getting there. We’ll walk side by side on your journey so that you’re getting targeted feedback on how to grow your influence. We'll work through the blocks together because it's so much better than doing it alone.

For the Emergent Leader

You’ve always been successful, but playing even bigger means knowing yourself better than you ever have. It means digging deep so that you can rise higher. It’s work, but it’s the kind of work that will let the world benefit from you being right where you need to be.

Impact Coaching for women leaders is about understanding your opportunities and engaging in a targeted process for growth around these specific opportunities. For many, it’s one of the first times they’ve invested themselves in a self-development process. But even for those who’ve done work before, Impact Coaching is an invaluable opportunity to grow beyond your limitations to ensure your impact is as bold as you are.

For the One Trying to Manage it All

The most common struggle that we hear from working parents is that they are drowning in the responsibilities they are holding and don't know how to find the time to elevate. They are so frazzled and wiped out that it’s hard to know which way is up, much less how to navigate their home and professional lives.

Impact Coaching is about helping you find your way out of the noise and into the clarity your need to make the decisions that are most important. Whether that’s what your next career move looks like or how to make life flow in a way that you don’t dread, we’ll work collaboratively to ensure that you can be your best in all the places you want and need to be.

Working with us

The coaching and training we do is not passive. It is for women ready to work and grow, fully aware that we will be challenging the status quo. It requires a willingness and active commitment to dive in to beliefs, behavior patterns, and systems that interfere with repurposing power. It involves leaning in to the hard decisions about your career and future.

It’s showing up and being uncertain and overwhelmed and frustrated and showing up again.

What we do together in our work is repurpose your power.

We first do some excavation work to help you get clear on who you are and how you got here. Then we figure out together what’s needed to move you to a the most powerful version of yourself in work and life. Then we’ll do the hard work to get you there. We’ll do lots of assessment along the way to make sure we’re tracking to your goals.


The Truth

And I want to be really clear: this work is about you, but it’s also about the world. The challenges you are experiencing in getting ahead at work, finding balance, or keeping afloat are not because you have done something wrong. In fact, it’s likely you are doing a million things right. The world is not set up (at least right now) for us to thrive.

And yet, that is not going to change unless we engage fully in making the change. So the work that we do together is powerful not just because it accelerates you, but because it will allow you to fully participate in your work and world in a way that will fundamentally change your work and world.

I know, we have big aspirations here. But I also know that women fully embracing and directing their power is the only way that our world will become the place we need it to be for all of us.

Coaching Commitments

Individual Impact Coaching

The best way to get started is to reach out for a complementary consultation with us to explore if Impact Coaching is the right fit to meet your goals. If we decide to move forward, we will dive into a thorough assessment process to ensure that we develop a comprehensive plan in key focus areas. This will generally involve a 3, 6, or 12-month commitment, dependent on your objectives. The frequency of sessions will be determined based on assessment of your situation.

Consultation and Skill Building

We are available for for a select number of time-limited consultation regarding a particular issue or challenge. Examples might include working through a business concern or leadership dilemma. Contact us to discuss your need.

Corporate Training & Coaching

We also provide trainings, workshops, and group and individual coaching for organizations to help elevate talent and improve outcomes. Contact us to discuss your organization’s needs.

I cannot begin to describe all the ways her mentorship and coaching has positively impacted my life, both professionally and personally. A wonderful active listener, Ashley helped me discover new insights and perspectives for looking at situations.  I appreciate that she never hesitated to point out my blind spots and provided me with invaluable constructive feedback and critiques that have helped me to grow professionally and advance as a leader. I always left my one-on-ones with Ashley feeling encouraged, inspired, and ready to take action.

- Practice Manager, Healthcare Organization

Working with Ashley far exceeded my expectations. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first and do not always feel comfortable talking about myself. She made me feel at ease and was truly engaged during each of our sessions. Although the main focus was on career goals and growth, she also helped me on a personal level. She was able to provide advice and guidance on improving my work-life balance and not always allowing stressors from work overflow home. Additionally, she was able to provide tips for improving certain office relationships that I could implement immediately and I found that very impactful. I would strongly recommend sitting down with Ashley 1 on 1.

- Director, Cincinnati REDS

Ashley brings invaluable skill and unconditional, consistent support to the coaching relationship.  I was initially drawn to Ashley as a role model, given her inspirational career achievements and excellent reputation as a clinical psychologist, business leader, and activist.  As a coach, Ashley is deliberate in challenging me to think critically about my own leadership goals, rather than giving prescriptive advice. Ashley’s coaching and mentorship have been instrumental in helping me to identify leadership goals and move in the direction of my personal values.

- Director, Behavioral Health Company

I found that Ashley was able to take in a large amount of information I shared with her and distill from it a handful of key themes that rang very true to me and had clear implications for my leadership goals and potential. Not only did these themes illuminate patterns in my life linked by common underlying tendencies, but they also highlighted strategies and exercises I can use to shape my behavior to improve multiple aspects of my life.

- PhD Student, Yale, Molecular Biology

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