Jen Burns, MA, LPCC

Growing up, I had always had a knack for making others laugh. Humor was a language that everyone spoke, and I longed to be fluent. So, following my dream of becoming a professional comedian, ten years ago I decided to move from my small hometown to Chicago.

While in Chicago I performed hundreds of shows, met people from around the globe, and truly realized the importance of sharing the human experience. I found that humor has this magical healing ability to make people safely vulnerable.

The truth is—life is hard. It certainly isn’t always how we imagined it, and it’s often painful and messy.

I gravitated towards humor because my empathetic heart was yearning to connect with people. I wanted to offer people space, share a moment, build connections, and help them heal. In fact, it was humor that showed me that, at my core, I was meant to be a healer.

Now in my role as a professional therapist, I guide people to a place where they start feeling good again and give them the tools to become the fullest and best versions of themselves. I hold deep emotional space for the people with whom I work. I use clinically-tested, evidence-based methods of treatment. I listen without judgement. I support, cry, and laugh with my patients.

I am a therapist who believes that we are all deeply flawed and perfectly capable of becoming whoever we want with the right guidance.

My passion and specialization is in working with people who have experienced trauma. As odd as it might sound, going from comedy to trauma work has been a perfect transition. Understanding people means being comfortable with both ends of the spectrum of human experience, as well as the vast range in between.

I have specialized training in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and have personally felt the life changing effects of this treatment. I have witnessed EMDR help many people suffering from PTSD, chronic depression, panic disorders, chronic stress, and various forms of anxiety.

I am also skilled in working with people struggling with eating disorders, body image issues, grief & loss, life transitions, mood regulation, depression, perfectionism, and low self-esteem.  I want to empower women to address dysfunctional thinking or coping and to feel proud of the people they are.

In addition to traditional psychotherapy, I am available for consultation and coaching for public speaking. Effective communication is crucial, especially in our careers. With ten years of performance experience, for thousands of people, I have mastered the tools to help individuals confidently speak in front of all different types of audiences. I want you to come away from my coaching feeling prepared, polished, and ready to nail that presentation or speaking engagement.

Meet Jen

I believe..

  • That perfect is the enemy of better.
  • That girls just wanna have fun-damental rights.
  • That life is hard to do when you’re at war with yourself.
  • That just because it hurts doesn’t mean it can’t heal, and pain tells us where to start.
  • That love is love is love.
  • That nobody has it all figured out, that's the fun part!
  • That endlessly scrolling is cool, but have you tried washing your face and having clean sheets!?
  • That worth is not based on appearance.
  • That you are the priority. Period.
  • That sometimes self-care is just saying no.
  • That comparison is boring and steals your joy.
  • That you’re not too sensitive, you’re not overly emotional, and you’re not asking too much for getting your needs met.

"I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jen. My process with her was one of healing and reconnecting with myself. She is warm, generous, encouraging, and patient. She also pushed, held me accountable, and asked the questions I needed to take my work just a little bit deeper. I left sessions with Jen feeling a little more grounded, a little more clear-eyed, or a little more hopeful...often all three. " 

- Coaching Client 

"First of all, Jennifer is a wonderful person! She is full of compassion, strength and has a fantastic sense of humor. As a therapist, she is wise and intuitive. Jennifer is so talented yet humble and a delight to be with. She is a wonderful addition to the therapeutic community in Cincinnati!"

- Brett Dowdy, Psy.D., Chief of Psychological Services, Lindner Center of HOPE

"Jennifer is a caring, compassionate and a highly intelligent practitioner who is committed to helping empower girls and women. Through the moment you meet Jennifer you feel her warmth, making her exceptionally easy to connect with and talk to. Through her nonjudgmental stance she joins alongside those she works with to help them reach their goals and become their authentic selves."

- Michelle Piven, LISWS, LCSW, CEDS

"Jen has dedicated herself to helping end suffering in those with whom she provides trauma-informed therapy.  She’s someone I turn to for collaboration, friendship and laughter. Jennifer is a wonderful person to help guide others on a path to wellness! I would highly recommend choosing as a therapist!"

- Dr. Stacey Spencer, Clinical Psychologist, Lindner Center of Hope

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