Our culture has tried diligently to convince us there is a right and a wrong when it comes to how we nourish our bodies. If one “correct” way exists, more books and programs get sold, right?

I’ve always known that our nutrition and our relationship with food is both science and art. I recognized that no one-size-fits-all approach existed, and that creativity and connection were also essential ingredients in supporting someone changing their nutrition.

It’s just like anything in nature, which is where I prefer to spend all the time I can. There are elements that conform to the laws and principles of science, and at the same time every single leaf or snowflake or creature has its own uniqueness.

For me, blending the art and science of nutrition therapy means listening deeply to the voice of the person I’m serving. I can only provide effective recommendations in the context of that individual’s experience.

It is my privilege to wade through the nuance of nutrition with clients, pointing out what science tells us and leaving room for options. If you have ever felt like the nutrition recommendations you've absorbed over time don't quite make sense for you, you're probably right.

My commitment in working with clients is to bridge the gaps and empower individuals to find the solutions that work best in the context of their individual lives.

Meet Kelly

Kelly Jewell is a licensed and registered dietitian skilled in providing nutrition therapy to individuals struggling with disordered eating, eating disorders, chronic dieting, and pre- and post-natal nutrition.

Kelly earned her Master's degree in Community Nutrition from Eastern Kentucky University with an emphasis in maternal nutrition. Kelly began her career working with local schools and businesses to make varied food options available in the community.  This work sparked in Kelly an ongoing interest in family nutrition in the home.

Following her community work, Kelly developed a speciality in the treatment of individuals with eating disorders through work at a renowned eating disorder program, as well as in outpatient practice. She continues to treat eating-related concerns and educates and empowers clients and families to create flexible, sustainable, and health-promoting nutrition goals.

I believe..

  • In telling the truth, even when it's scary
  • That food is a form of celebration
  • That crying and laughing often go good together
  • In aggressively admitting when you're wrong
  • There is no "perfect" diet
  • That substitute teachers should always show movies
  • In ten deep breaths outside in the middle of winter
  • That everyone has a story worth knowing
  • In eating when you're hungry (and sometimes when you're not)

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