Next Session Begins October 2, 2023

When I ask women to share the most difficult part of their experiences with divorce, the responses are varied and vast. This makes sense because divorce can touch every single aspect of our lives, from our friendships to our bank accounts to our parenting experiences to our work schedules to our beliefs about what it means to love and be loved. Even the most fundamental aspects of who we are and how we’ve seen ourselves come into question. 

At its root, divorce is a loss. Even when we very much want – or at least recognize a need for – a marriage to end, we face the loss of something that we at one point thought would endure. 

At its root, divorce is also a transformation. It’s an experience that can’t help but alter us. It invites (okay, sometimes forces) us to disassemble, evaluate, and rebuild in a new and different way. 

The New Becoming Divorce Thrive Circle is an opportunity to navigate this process in a way that it’s intentional, supportive of our mental health and well-being, and in community with supportive companions. 

I believe that divorce is never just one thing. It’s one-life-ending and a new-life-giving. It’s a tearing down and a building up. It’s a leaving home and a coming home to self. 

And in the midst of all the things that it is, we need spaces that are safe to grieve, assess, and rebuild. 

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