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A diagnosis of cancer rocks your world in ways unimaginable to most others. As information and treatment protocols flood in, you're altering your routines, relationships, expectations, and even your sense of self. You're suddenly looking around and wondering how you ended up in this space that no one wants to be.

Breast cancer has the potential to upend your mental health, and indeed most who experience will struggle with mood issues, anxiety, and body image challenges. But cancer doesn't have to mean that your suffer. With the right community and the right tools, women can navigate their cancer journey with clarity, power, and peace.

In partnership with the Karen Wellington Foundation, Galia is honored to offer the Breast Cancer Thrive Circle. The power of mental health support during and after treatment is profound. Small group mental health treatment like this Thrive Circle has been proven to reduce risk of cancer returning by 45% and the risk of mortality by almost 70%.

The Thrive Circle is an opportunity to garner connection and mental health tools for the road you are on. It's a chance to take a deep breath in the company of women who understand the journey and to learn research-backed strategies for living well during this period of life.

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