Parenting challenges us to the limits of our capacities. Trying to survive day-to-day life while parenting young children, and especially in a system with so little support, can easily lead to feeling exhausted and defeated. 

Parental burnout builds when we’re parenting without a solid roadmap. This leads us to feeling stuck in the same frustrating and unhelpful interactions with our kids, but also not having the energy to try something different.  

This Parenting Littles Thrive Circle will provide parents with a safe space to intentionally explore their parenting style and begin to view their child’s behaviors from a new lens. This group is about providing tangible strategies to foster a more collaborative and harmonious home which will ultimately decrease burn out. Through a targeted set of skills and practices, you’ll feel more confident navigating everything from tantrums to not listening and all of the tricky behaviors in between. 

Built on evidence-based and emotionally-sensitive parenting practices, this group focuses on not only helping you build a better relationship with your children today but also ensuring your children have the skills necessary that will support them well into adulthood.

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