Next Session Starts 4/18/23

Teens spend countless hours in classrooms and deep in homework, but they don’t have spaces to learn the emotional tools that will help them create balanced and meaningful lives.

Meanwhile, teens today have been facing some of the heaviest and toughest challenges over the past few years in a world that can feel totally upside-down. Experiencing major transitions, disruptions, and emotional weight has left many struggling to find their footing.

More teens than ever are struggling with persistent worry, irritability, sadness, grief, and insecurity. Faced with these challenges, they often find themselves turning to less effective coping, like screens, food issues, and self-deprecating thoughts, and more.

The Find Your Power Thrive Circle enables teens with the resources they need to build confidence, peace, self-compassion, and strength in their daily lives. Teens will walk away with a community of support, a toolkit of skills, and a readiness to take on the ups and downs of life.

Here's what recent participants are saying...

"Throughout my time in group, I have learned to not only be open with myself but others. I've made new friends who I hope to stay in touch with!"

"It made me realize a lot about myself and feel less alone."

"I loved spending open time with people my age and talking about all our similar experiences. The other girls were so fun to talk to and everyone was very friendly. I really liked this group!"

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