"Learning about IFS has helped me to reframe how I consider my emotions in a much more compassionate and, therefore, productive way." -2024 Participant

"I now have a framework to consider why I am feeling an emotion and a method to help me seek the root cause. I now have a way to correct an old story that no longer applies in on my current life. I am very glad that I participated in the Thrive Circle."-2024 Participant

You tell yourself that there is no reason to still feel this way, not after all this time and the things you’ve done to try to feel, to be, better. Sure, things are stressful and always chaotic, but shouldn’t you be handling them better, you wonder. Shouldn’t you feel calmer, more in control, more at home in yourself? But you don’t, and you’re pretty sure the problem is you.

But what if the problem isn’t you? What if it never was?

Women throughout time have been sold the idea that our experiences and our emotions are problems to be managed. We were told that no one would be comfortable with our big feelings, and so the safest thing to do would be to hide, stuff, or dampen them, or even disconnect from them altogether. It kept us safe, but it never made us happy.

And now we’re grown ass women with raging shame, confusion about who we are and what we want, and a deep dissatisfaction at what the world has sold us. We’ve been told we have depression or anxiety or both – but they don’t really seem to go away, not fully, and we have a sense that something’s missing.

This Circle is for women who’ve had the gnawing feeling that there has to be something more. This is for the ones who want to not just treat their feelings of sadness and anger, but to actually understand them. This is for the ones who know they have to stop being so damn hard on themselves, but haven’t figured out how. This is for the ones who recognize the world wasn’t made with them in mind, but know they have to live in it anyway and want to recreate it. This is for the ones who are fed up. This is for the ones who want to know and love themselves more deeply.

This brand new Thrive Circle will help you release the narratives that are serving you (including those about your mental health), reclaim a stronger sense of identity, confidence, and peace, and resource yourself with community and tools to build a world that we’re proud to hand down to future generations of women.

It will remind you – in a deep and unabiding way - that you were never broken.

*For those who are interested in such things, this work is rooted in feminist, narrative, and internal family systems perspectives. 

"I loved getting to hear the stories of different women, and getting to share my story with them! We all had different life experiences, yet we shared a lot of the same parts."-2024 Participant

"Learning about IFS and how to recognize and attend to my different parts has been a helpful framework."-2024 Participant

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