Thrive Circles

Thrive Circles are intimate groups of committed women who connect live - in person or online - to support each other in healing, growing, and leading. They are designed to offer skills, accountability, and, most importantly, connection. You'll find our currently offered Thrive Circles below.

Postpartum Thrive Circle with Mindy Schlechter

It has been said that once a woman becomes a mother, everything changes. It is our belief that the right kind of support through these changes can make all the difference in a successful integration post-baby.

Are you feeling isolated from your “old life” and overwhelmed by new responsibilities in front of you?

Do you wonder if you’re doing it “right” and second guess yourself as you learn your new role?  

Have you had challenges coping with changing hormones, emotional states and physical changes in your body?  

Thankfully, by surrounding yourself with other women who are navigating similar challenges in our Postpartum Thrive Circle, we will raise our collective knowledge and comfort levels in order to elevate and empower each other’s post-baby journey!

When women gather together, we can overcome anything.  Let's empower our journey as mothers so we can be the best version of ourselves for the next generation of amazing beings we are consciously raising! You will learn to identify and speak into your current needs, strategize for long term success, ride the waves of change around you, and be supported to the fullest while doing it!

Body Peace Thrive Circle with Karen Schneller

With a new year comes fresh possibilities, but it also means our inboxes (and minds) fill up with messages that our bodies are a problem.  

Are you starting to doubt that body peace exists at the end of the next diet?

Are you tired of the messages our society throws at us?  

Are you ready for a new way to come home to yourself and your body?  

Thankfully, there is an alternative to a life of failed diets and body hatred, In this Body Peace Thrive Circle, we will come together as a group of empowered and dedicated women to fight back against the destructive messages of diet culture and create a new way of being with ourselves.

In my experience, when women gather together, we can overcome anything.  Let's start the New Year loving ourselves and the bodies we inhabit. You will learn to treat your body with respect, find your self-compassionate voice inside, and start this new year with hope, strength, and empowerment. 

Let's gather together and fill ourselves up with the truth: that we are worthy at each and every size.


YEW Thrive with Jen Burns

In my experience, working as a therapist, coach, and being a lady friend, it has become abundantly clear a circle of women helping each other say what they want, results in helping each other get what they want. Especially, when we hold each other accountable

We need that accountability. Saying ideas out loud and then letting them float off into our busy lives is a waste of our precious energy. We simply do not have time for inaction. 

The truth is, you need a lady circle to be more successful, and it's backed by research! Recent research cited in the Harvard Business Review found that women who have a female tribe are in more leadership roles, earn more money, and are overall more successful in facing challenges. When women have a dedicated network to turn to for important decisions and support, they do better. Ladies, we are powerful together!

But where do you find your lady tribe?

We need supportive spaces to hold each other and ourselves accountable. A sounding board with structure. A place to focus, work through challenges, gain perspective, and receive important feedback. 

As wonderful as networking events and happy hours are, they don't hold us accountable. We're left with more ideas than I know what to do with, and nothing gets done. In Y.E.W. Thrive, we harness the power of our collective minds, discuss the challenges women in their 20’s and 30’s face, and work as a team to help us all get what we want and need!

Thrive Circle :: A Mastermind for Health & Wellness Practice Growers

Building a practice based on your deepest values is rewarding beyond measure -- and it can be lonely, confusing, a nerve-wracking as hell. You want to grow and do what you love (and are stellar at) and yet there are just so many decisions to be made and obstacles popping up along the way. 

Marketing, pricing, networking, forms, systems, legal issues, accounting, facilities, hiring… it’s a LOT. Oh, and then there's the service you're providing...

The good news is that we can do hard things. And we can do hard things better when we do them together. 

The Thrive Circle for women building practices is designed to provide the support needed to help your work have a bigger presence in the world while you stay sane. 

The Thrive Circle is set up like a mastermind group in which a small, committed group of women come together biweekly to challenge, inspire, support, and hold each other accountable to our practice goals. 

The power of masterminds have been known for decades. The most successful leaders around the world recognize the value of a team of motivated confidantes dedicating themselves to their own and each other’s growth. And what do women business owners need now more than ever? A team.

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