Ditching Diets, A New Year’s Resolution

It’s already happening. Before you’ve been given the chance to see this year out, you’re being pushed to PLAN! EXECUTE! THRIVE! in the next one.

It’s exhausting.

I’m exhausted.

Deals for gym memberships are on sale. Cleanses to “keep you healthy and help you lose the weight” are bombaring your every social media feed. Friends, family, and co-workers won’t stop talking about their plans to “clean up their act and get focused.” Sometimes, it doesn’t even feel possible not to participate.

But what if? Let us let go for a minute and imagine. If we were to excuse ourselves from a narrative of dieting, how might a new years resolution read?

  1. This year, I will look at a menu, ask myself what sounds good, and then order it.
  2. This year, I won’t hold today’s food choices hostage to the choices of the previous day.
  3. This year, I will speak neutrally about food. There is no good or bad, no moral assignment. 
  4. This year, I will not participate in body slander. If I cannot love my body, I will still respect it.
  5. This year, I will not ask my plate, or myself, to be less. I will only “add more.” More spice, more variety, more textures and flavors – more.

I am making my declaration for 2023 now. This year, when my body asks of me, I will listen.

Happy New Year!

Kelly Jewell is a licensed and registered dietitian skilled in providing nutrition therapy to individuals struggling with disordered eating, eating disorders, chronic dieting, and pre- and post-natal nutrition.

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