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Restoring the Postpartum Self: A Workshop for Mamas

Saturday, March 21st
Modo Yoga, Greater Cincinnati

It has been said that once a woman becomes a mother-everything changes! Join Mindy Schlechter, RPYT, LSW and Ashley Solomon, PsyD for this unique opportunity to integrate those changes with mindful movement, tools and strategies for restoration.

This postnatal workshop will focus on strength for both the physical demands of early motherhood, as well as the emotional. It serves as a holistic means of empowering postpartum women through movement, education, and connection that is not to be missed if you are within the first year of having given birth!

We will share a postpartum yoga practice tailored to a mama’s specific goals of rebuilding muscle tone, strengthening, and maintaining integrity and alignment. Areas of focus include the pelvis, abs, shoulders and back. Meditation, pranayama, and tension release will also be incorporated.

We'll then dive in to what makes postpartum such an identity-shifting period. Dr. Solomon will offer information and tools to help strengthen your mind as you progress through this life phase. You'll walk away with a clearer sense of your new self and a plan for implementing your mental wellness goals.

This workshop is for mamas only, so take the opportunity to step away from your care-taking duties and turn the focus on yourself!

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Improv for Mental Wellness in Business

Organizations are increasingly recognizing just how critical the mental strength of their people is to fulfilling their missions. Collaboration, creativity, communication, compassion, and more depend on individuals’ and teams’ emotional well-being. 

The bottom line: there is nothing more crucial to the success of a team than the health of its people. 

We offer an innovative, effective, and fun approach to engaging in the important conversations and transformations around mental well-being in the workplace. 

Organizations bring our team in to focus in various areas, including: 

  • Teamwork & Managing Conflict 
  • Collaboration & Communication
  • Building Emotional Intelligence 
  • Innovation and Problem Solving
  • Managing Change & Stress 

Our sessions begin with thought-provoking training and conversations and move into experiential improv exercises. Sessions range from two hours to full-day workshops. Our unique approach blends our mental health expertise with experienced improv techniques to cultivate a transformative experience for your team.  

We would love to talk to you about how to bring the power of psychological science and improv theater to enhance the mental strength of your team. Reach out to us on our contact page to discuss. 

Jennifer Burns is a professional improvisational comedian, therapist, and expert trainer who uses the magic of improv to create safe and effective spaces for personal and team growth. 

Dr. Ashley Solomon is a psychologist, women's leadership expert, and business consultant who trains individuals and teams on how to utilize psychological science to improve outcomes. 

F.I.E.RCE: Female Improv for Empowerment

Improv quiets our inner critic and allows creative parts of the brain to flourish. Improv teaches us how to work fast in the moment, move through stuck points, enhance communication skills, use active listening, trust our choices, and engage adaptive problem solving. Improv is a path to managing change more effectively and building a cohesive team.

Jennifer tailors her women's workshops for various groups and organizations and can host at your location or at our site. She is available to craft a program for a range of ages, group sizes, and needs. Get in touch to discuss how to we can craft an experience to elevate girls' and women's impact.

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