Grief & Loss Thrive Circle with Dr. Sarah Cox

Next Session Starts Spring 2022

Losing a meaningful person in your life is impactful for everyone. And yet because of our societal discomfort with distress, mourning and grief are seen as distractions. Heavier emotions are a threat to our culture of hyper happiness and toxic productivity so many of us feel the need to hide our true experience.

It can be isolating. Grieving folks don’t want to confront others with their pain. They don’t want to lose their jobs. So they try to move through it quickly without truly processing this tremendous human experience. 

Here we understand that grief isn’t linear. There’s not a predictable path for putting it behind you. We all ebb and flow through the many emotional currents at different times, while also experiencing overlapping conditions and conflicts. 

Grief is not a distraction either. To honor our lost loved ones and process our feelings about mortality is an essential step on every human journey. This group gives you space to heal in human connection and crystalize your insights so that you are free to move forward in a way that feels good.

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