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Loss of control eating, which includes binge eating, emotional eating, compulsive eating, and night eating, so often leaves us feeling frustrated, ashamed, and disconnected from our bodies and ourselves. 

Healing our relationship with food and cultivating peace in our bodies is some of the bravest work that we can do as women.

Healing involves real tools and plans to reset our patterns. 

Healing requires non-shaming, expert guidance.

Healing requires a new paradigm for food, feelings, and our sense of self. 

Healing requires a supportive community.  

Psychologist and Galia founder, Dr. Ashley Solomon, and Registered Dietitian and eating disorder expert, Kelly Jewell, have teamed up to create a recovery path for those with loss of control eating.  

If there’s one thing we know from working with many hundreds of individuals struggling with binge eating, it’s that recovery won’t come from self-blame, isolation, or another diet. 

We’ve designed this Thrive Circle to help you create a new relationship with food, reframe outdated concepts of health, and heal the wounds you carry with your body.

Women in this Thrive Circle are ready to give up a life-long battle with their bodies and start practicing skills of self-compassion, self-connection, and more joyful eating practices.

If that sounds challenging, that's why the circle is so powerful. It's a non-judgmental, intimate space to share in this journey together.

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