The ones who know our waves

I’ve been working my way through one of Ann Patchett’s beautiful books of essays lately and just finished the piece that the book is named after, These Precious Days. In it, … Read more

When the story needs rewritten

At least once or twice per year, in some holiday or other gathering of my parents, brothers, and sometimes extended family, my parents love to drop in one of their … Read more

The grandparent gap

An hour or so after arriving at my office this morning and with a full day of clients ahead of me, I got the dreaded phone call from the school … Read more

Moments of repair

I watched him maneuver toward her through the empty chairs and beach towels, stepping over the floaties that had been discarded by the littlest cousins. Second cousins? I could never … Read more

This is the currency of love

She comes into the bathroom where I rub cleanser on my face, her tiny feet scraping my tan heels against the floor as she crosses the tile. I can see … Read more

All the people that live within

I picture her sitting cross legged on a big blue wingback chair. An oversized sweater is wrapped around her body, though she will loosen it soon as the fire next … Read more

What deserves a second chance?

I could tell that there was something else holding her back, and I wanted to help her name it. She’d been struggling with whether to go to couple’s therapy with … Read more

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