Working Mom Thrive Circle with Dr. Sarah Lavanier

Next Session TBD

Today’s working moms face impossible expectations. They’re held responsible for the majority of unpaid, unseen labor in their households. And they’re keeping up with demanding careers and supporting their family’s financial needs.

Along the way everyone seems to forget that they’re not just snack stations and pick-up coordinators. They’re whole, complex humans with their own needs, desires and dreams outside of motherhood. They deserve to be seen and nurtured too. 

This group is for working moms to diffuse socially-imposed guilt, release outrageous expectations, and find ways to reclaim our time and energy even though we don’t always have control over what happens day to day.

We’re here to make changes that can relieve some of the burden. To reconnect to who we are outside motherhood. And to find a path through that feels deeply fulfilling and meaningful to us, whether or not it matches anyone else’s concept of a “good mom.”

We need seismic shifts to create a society that actually values motherhood as well as women’s contribution in the workplace. And yet, we all deserve support so that we can enjoy the fullness of this messy, difficult, yet beautiful time.

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