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Hacking the Holidays: 'Tis the Season for Protecting Your Peace

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

5:30 - 7:00p EST via Zoom

Before this becomes yet another season that we look back on and say, "Thank goodness that's over...", let's set ourselves up for peace.

Dr. Sarah Cox will be hosting a free virtual workshop for our community where she will teach some of the most important practices that we can use for managing our mental health at the holidays.

She'll address some of the biggest challenges women share with us around the holidays:

  • struggling to know when enough is enough and how to set emotional, physical, financial, and energetic boundaries
  • dealing with changes in our moods as the days get shorter
  • navigating our relationship with food
  • staying grounded through all the holiday commitments

You'll walk away with actionable tools you can use this holiday season and beyond to strengthen your inner calm.

Please use the form below if you'd like to register for this free workshop.