Fair Play Screening and Discussion


Do you feel like the “default” manager of all household and family tasks?  Does your time feel precious and valuable, or does it feel like your time is devalued and overrun with to-do items?

Join us for an evening of conversation and connection around one of the most difficult issues facing our society today: the burden of the mental load and inequitable division of household labor.  We will be screening the documentary “Fair Play” and hosting a Q&A afterwards with the Galia Collaborative team.


Wednesday, October 12, 6:00pm – 9:00pm


Galia Collaborative, 2245 Gilbert Ave, Suite 200, Cincinnati, OH 45206

Do I need to bring my own popcorn?

Nope, we will have popcorn and movie snacks ready for you!

What is the Fair Play Documentary?

In the Fair Play Documentary, inspired by Eve Rodsky’s NYT bestselling book, Eve takes us on a journey to change the unfair work dynamic in her own home, and society at large. FAIR PLAY follows three families on their own journeys to find balance at home, demonstrating how even the smallest fights around dirty dishes are actually linked to systemic issues affecting millions of families across the globe.

Written, produced, and directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom and in partnership with Hello Sunshine, FAIR PLAY demonstrates how private lives are public issues and by making the invisible care work, historically held by women, visible, FAIR PLAY inspires a more balanced future.

Watch the film trailer here.