YES, EMPOWERED WOMEN Thrive with Jen Burns

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Many modern women are shouldering major financial responsibilities while also navigating workplace sexism, toxic productivity culture and the societal conditioning to give tirelessly.

Planning for what we want and need isn’t always simple. Yet it is possible. Particularly when we have a circle of smart, experienced women to help us make important decisions, get unstuck and make the bold moves we need to reach our goals.  

We are more powerful together. A study cited in the Harvard Business Review found that women who have a circle of support are in more leadership roles, earn more money, and are overall more successful in facing challenges.

This is a space for us to hold each other and ourselves accountable. A sounding board with structure you can’t get from networking happy hours. A way for you to stay focused on what matters, gain perspective, and receive important feedback as you take action.

When we harness the power of our collective minds, we can overcome more of the obstacles. With affirmation and support, we can learn to trust our deepest knowing and see what happens when we start saying yes to ourselves. We can stay firm in our commitment to getting what we want and need. 

Here's what recent participants are saying...

This group provided a safe space to have deep vulnerable conversations and feel connected to amazing gals. It was something I looked forward to every week. This group wouldn't have been nearly as special without the caring and wise leadership of Jen. She has a true gift of helping to curate self-discovery and growth. (A.H.)

Jen is the definition of what it means to be an empowered woman and she is eager to connect you with your own empowered self. We can all feel lonely, scared, and shame as we navigate life’s up and downs, this group helps you build resiliency to keep moving forward, and doing so with a group of amazing souls. (A.M.)

Having a team of diverse, thoughtful women to help navigate the barriers that inevitably come with pursuing a tough goal in a structured environment that Jen expertly makes safe, fun, and motivating was the best way to help myself THRIVE! (A.L.)

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