Relational Trauma Reset Thrive with Jen Burns

Next Session Starts September 23, 2021

Please Note: The current group is full, but please sign up to be added to a potential second group (time TBD)!

No one is unloveable. No one is incapable of belonging and connection. However many have experienced family dynamics of emotional neglect or invasive control.

Unprocessed, these early experiences are often the real reason people feel trapped in unsatisfying relationship cycles, or at a loss for the closeness and connection they desire. 

If this is you, the way you experience relating makes perfect sense. The climate of mistrust and misunderstanding is not a sign of anything wrong with you. These dynamics go unhealed in part because our culture gaslights adults. We hear, “You should be able to just move on. The past doesn’t define you—stop giving your power away.”

The truth is, relational trauma is more than a story. It’s a systemic reality in a society that gives little space to heal. Generations of it live in our bodies and we are not alone in dealing with it. 

In this group, you are supported to develop the tools of nervous system regulation and the self-trust you need to relate more openly and closely with others once again. To connect without busting boundaries, draining your energy, or masking your truth.