Erin McMenamin, LCSW

I used to think I had chronic Start-Over-Itis, which is how I describe what life felt like in my twenties and early thirties. I was a teacher, a graduate student in English literature, then a barista, and a free-lance editor.

Looking back, I see that my willingness to start over helped prepare me for getting comfortable with transition. I needed to know how to roll with change and adapt if I was going to survive being a military spouse who moved every two years for a decade.

I realized that my years as an English teacher taught me the value of working one-on-one with teenagers, which helped me easily make the transition when I later trained as a play therapist. Graduate school then taught me discipline and perseverance (as if the teenagers didn’t!). After that, my time as an editor let me enter someone’s writing process to help them understand and communicate what they truly needed to say. And perhaps my time as a barista has had the most practical impact, as everyone needs a good cup of coffee.

While on my professional journey, I grew into marriage, motherhood, and the process of understanding what made my life feel most meaningful. This led me to my heart’s work: serving women as a therapist .
You just don’t know how your story is going to unfold.

What you think might be a scattered sense of self might be an inspired life in the making.

I believe that the process of exploration and discovery is the heart and soul of therapy and coaching. My role now as a therapist is helping women get out of their own way and tune into their wisdom regarding their next steps. I’ve learned that the bravest thing you can do is trust yourself, and it’s my work to help women do just that.

I have found that therapy is helpful for women who are unlearning what society has taught themselves to believe about their value, place in the world, and reason for being. As a result of our earlier experiences, we may have difficulty unraveling the stories and what healthy relationships look like.

As a therapist, my role is to work closely and safely with you to explore fear, change limiting beliefs, and strengthen the esteem and confidence that make healing possible. Doing so can give you the strength you need to change your life.

Erin offers psychotherapy via telehealth throughout the state of Virginia. She also accepts a select number of clients for coaching services, which she offers online worldwide.

I believe..

  • That mid-life doesn’t have to be a crisis.
  • That we are stronger in our broken places.
  • That we have never been more prepared than now disrupt the systems that oppress us.
  • That our friends are as vital as our family.
  • That it is never too late to start again.
  • That coffee is a magical thing.
  • That life is shorter than we think, so let’s get to the good stuff.
  • That there is life after motherhood.
  • That we heal when we are ready.
  • That politics should be personal when they affect our rights.

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