Karen Schneller, MFT, CEDS

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I grew up with a curious and adventurous spirit.

I wanted to touch and feel my way through the world, which led to exciting adventures, exploration, and exhilaration, but included equal parts pain -- from stubbed toes to heartache. I lead with curiosity and heart. It allowed me to explore my world and be relentless with my passions. I learned early on the value of teamwork and leadership as I played sports throughout my childhood. Community was woven into my daily life. I was a fearless child who was in the present moment, focused on the task at hand.

But my ever-adventurous spirit was crushed one day, at age ten, when my parents told me one of my best friends had passed away. She was only eight. I knew it was coming; she had been sick for a while, but I wasn’t prepared for how terrifying it is to face death at ten years old. And then I would go on to face more loss.

Healing and transforming

While it was a painful experience, the depth of loss and grief changed me. It made me even more curious about the world, emotions, trauma, and how humans cope. It taught me that life is short, and that people, community, and connections matter. It affirmed that we need each other to get through this life.

As I grew older, I learned more about myself and my own capacity to heal. Growing up in a larger body meant I would face weight stigma and trauma daily. Trying to find your way in a world where you sometimes literally don’t fit, is traumatizing.

My own healing with food and body-hatred lead me to want to help others heal. And my own pain has aided me in connecting to the depth of my clients’ pain.

None of us get out of life unhurt, unaffected by life’s lessons. Fortunately, I started my own healing journey early in life, and I have been a dedicated student of reducing my suffering ever since.

Witnessing resilience

After graduate school, I immediately went into the field of eating disorder recovery. Over the past 15 years, I have worked in treatment centers, recovery communities, and in private practice settings, helping to spread the message of self-love and healing with food and our bodies.

As I Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, I help guide those who feel lost find their way back to themselves. It's not easy, but it is absolutely worth the journey. I have had the honor to witness hundreds of girls and women, who are stuck in the pit of self-hatred and shame, find their way back.

Many of those I work with are fighting multiple battles, including depression and anxiety, trauma, and eating disorders. Many are fighting the prejudice of weight stigma as well. Many show up believing they are not worthy of love and belonging.

How I help

I help individuals to heal their wounded parts through self-compassion, getting clear on what matters to them, and fighting back against ingrained cultural beliefs. We work to reject the messages of diet culture and the sickness it perpetuates, and help them come back to life -- come back to themselves.
These individuals gain strength, see the truth of their worthiness, and then go out into the world with a new perspective. They often spread the message of self-love, body acceptance, inclusivity and women owning their stories.

I welcome the activists, the teachers, the learners, and the quiet voices. Each one of us has a path of our own. Everyone’s voice matters.

Psychotherapy is rife with ups and downs, pain and joy, confronting outdated beliefs about ourselves, and coming home to ourselves. Just like life! We come home to the truth we knew all along, that we’ve always been worthy.

I would love to walk alongside you as you forge your own healing path in the world.

Karen Schneller, MFT, CEDS, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist in the states of California, Texas and Ohio.  She has been working with girls and women for over 15 years to help them heal and reclaim their lives. Karen specializes in helping those with mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, and eating disorders. Her passion to free the world of dangerous messages and the impacts of diet culture fuel her work in the world.  She believes we all have a right to occupy space in the world, no matter our size, and that inclusive, trauma-informed care needs to be more accessible. She treats clients located in California, Texas, and Ohio through via secure and reliable telehealth services.

I believe..

  • That all bodies, at all sizes, have value.
  • That we must amplify the quiet voice inside to receive her wisdom.
  • That weight stigma is trauma.
  • That pain and heartache will teach us just as much as joy and love.
  • That you can experience health at every size.
  • That trauma is the greatest threat to self-worth.
  • In getting back up, time and time again, to continue healing.
  • That diet culture is oppressive, dividing, and manipulating.
  • That we deserve to slow down.
  • That your heartache, your voice, your story -- they matter.

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