Mindy Schlechter LSW

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As a young girl growing up with my sisters in eastern Ohio, some of my most prized possessions were books of women’s words, a dictionary, and a thesaurus. These guides gave me the confidence and tools to find my own voice amidst a world that might otherwise try and tell me who I needed to be.

And so my writing -- whether journaling or poetry -- was my release. It forced me to turn an ear toward my inner voice and to amplify that voice outward.

I was fortunate to have this tool as I progressed on my own journey of self-discovery. I also continued to add to my toolbox; connecting with yoga, mindfulness, and meditation as opportunities for reflection and growth.

Social work eventually became a natural choice for me; discovering connections and linking others with resources had always come organically. What I also discovered in this work was that those I served had stories that demanded to be shared. I recognized I had a gift for helping others access their own freedom of expression and finding the right narrative for their lives.

My clinical work led me to the world of maternal/fetal health and the recognition that not all women have equal access to the networks needed for adequate healing. I found a deep calling for creating spaces of connection, expression, and hope within this realm.

Infertility, emotional and hormonal changes, pregnancy (or pregnancy loss), birth, and early mothering years are deeply transformative times. While women often dismiss their challenging experiences as “normal,” they continue to feel isolated and alone. I’ve learned that sometimes we simply need a guide to help us light our way through the dark.

There’s an intrinsic magic to feeling we are a part of something bigger than just ourselves. I love connecting women to places where they can be elevated and access the resources they hold within themselves -- giving power to their own transformation. Holding space and witnessing a woman through her own healing is perhaps the essence of what connection is really all about.

My integrative approach to clinical work is a combination of mindfulness-based techniques, therapeutic strategies, and a process of co-creation. My work connects women to their fullest personal development and purpose fulfillment as vibrant and powerful beings in this world!

Mindy is a Licensed Social Worker in the state of Ohio. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Social Work in 2003 from the University of Cincinnati. She then completed a graduate program in Social Work at the University of Michigan in 2004, earning her Master’s degree and specializing in interpersonal practice and women’s health. Her clinical career led her into the world of maternal/fetal health, where she discovered her true calling in working with women through and beyond their pregnancies. She later pursued a yoga teaching certification and specialization in prenatal yoga, as she realized the need for a more varied and holistic approach to women’s needs. Mindy then completed training in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and Coaching in order to round out the services she is able to provide to clients so that they may have an integrative clinical experience. She is a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH), the American Board of Neuro-linguistic Programming (ABNLP), and certified through Yoga Alliance with the following designations: Registered 200-hr instructor (RYT200) and Registered Prenatal Instructor (RPYT).

I believe..

  • That intention-setting and manifesting are real.
  • That your grandmother’s wisdom is still true today.
  • That we are more than our diagnostic labels.
  • That women are magical.
  • That we have three choices in life: to confront, to embrace, or to release.
  • That nothing truly worth doing is ever easy, but it can be made more accessible when you’re honest.
  • That every woman has exactly the resources she needs inside of herself, and that learning to listen is the hardest part.
  • That meditation works!
  • That the moon is truly female.
  • That every woman has a story to tell.
  • That everything is connected.

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