Like many of the individuals with whom I work, I grew up as curious, aware, and sensitive human. From a young age, I was fascinated with the stories of others and found myself taking in conversations, news, and books to fill my thirst for understanding.  

In many ways, reading was a passion that offered a sanctuary for my mind. Those hours spent in books allowed my mind to be transported. Living in central Kentucky, I sought out quiet and soft places to read, like trees, forested places, and my room.  

But as an emotionally attuned young person taking in the sometimes dark realities of the world, I would find myself worried and anxious at times. I grappled with concerns that were outside of my control. I questioned how certain things could happen, and why. 

In looking back, I realize that school was a place where I felt I could find more solid footing and security. Also like many of my clients, I found school to be where I began to center my self-worth.   

While I was fortunate to be surrounded by caring adults in my life, I wasn’t offered the opportunity to work with a therapist as a young person. When I was later able to begin doing the important work of therapy, I discovered just how powerful it could be.  

Over time and with work, I was able to develop a sense of meaning and purpose that helped give me grounding. In a world where there can be so much pain and suffering, I knew that I wanted my life to be about directly helping others. My interest in psychology and in being a therapist was a natural progression. My natural sense of curiosity, desire to help others, and interest in the stories, led me to where I am today.  

Through my undergraduate and graduate studies, I learned a lot about human behavior. Through my clinical experience and in my own journey, I learned a lot about healing. I was able to let go of my perfectionism and began to believe in my own inherent self-worth.  

I am so grateful to serve others through this work every day.  

Jordan Gregory is masters-level therapist and doctoral trainee completing part of her clinical training at Galia Collaborative under the supervision of Drs. Amber Stevens, Becki Apseloff, and Bryn Martinez. 

Prior to her graduate studies, Jordan completed her bachelor’s in psychology at Western Kentucky University. She went on to earn her Master’s in Psychological Science at WKU, where she split her time between the Child Development and Risk Behaviors Labs. While Jordan has a deep interest in research, she wanted to use the science of psychology to directly help people improve their lives through therapy.  

Jordan is currently in her fourth year of her doctoral training at Xavier University. She has worked in a variety of clinical settings, giving her a breadth of experience in treating individuals across the lifespan.  

As a therapist, Jordan takes an approach that is individualized and client-centered. Jordan develops a treatment plan collaboratively with her clients based on their expertise of their own lives. She draws her interventions from behavioral approaches and frequently incorporates self-compassion work with clients.  

I believe..

  • I Believe that change is hard
  • That we all have the capacity for growth
  • That food and exercise can be medicinal
  • That everyone craves a sense of safety
  • That love is essential
  • That life is a gift
  • That the mind and the body are connected
  • That bad things can happen to good people
  • That what you produce does not define your worth
  • That vulnerability can be a strength
  • That fear manifests in many ways
  • That we are all connected as part of humanity
  • That the client is the expert in their own experience
  • That emotional pain is real
  • That stories can change

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