Erin Nichting, PsyD

Dr. Erin Nichting is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in maternal mental health, trauma therapy, and helping women navigate major life transitions. She provides tailored and compassionate care to women in the midst some of the most trying seasons of in life.

Erin received her doctoral degree from Wright State University’s School of Professional Psychology and also completed her doctoral fellowship with Wright State University’s School of Professional Psychology. Through her education and training, Erin was able to work with multiple populations in various settings, including treating patients in schools, a community mental health agency, psychiatric hospital, and a court clinic. Her post-doctoral fellowship was in the forensic setting where she was able to utilize her skills in evaluation and assessment. She has continued her forensic evaluation work, another area of passion, while also engaging in therapeutic work specializing in working with women.

Erin is committed to meeting clients where they are and tailoring therapy to fit individual needs with evidence-based approaches. Erin also believes strongly in the importance of bringing awareness to how outside stressors, including the social and cultural environment, affect women’s mental health, identity, and experience. Erin’s believes the therapeutic space should be safe, collaborative, nonjudgmental for clients to help realize their personal power and identity, as well as a a space to promote wellness, growth, and change.

I believe..

  • That everyone has a truth and deserves to speak it.
  • That being who and what you want to be is beautiful.
  • In daring greatly.
  • That you deserve to be gentle with yourself.
  • Being in nature is good for the soul.
  • Today is never too late to be brand new.
  • Words have power.
  • In trying new things and meeting new people.
  • That being vulnerable is brave and can lead to great things.
  • That it’s okay to say no.
  • That a little self-care everyday can go a long way.
  • In the women who came before us, the women with us now, and the women who will come after us.

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